A Nightclub on Crystal Zalera - Raised by Warriors, Steeped in History, and Surrounded by its own Lore. A unique venue which you can feel the difference in energy the moment you walk in our doors.

A Family First

The Steel Rose Club is about family sticking together. It is what binds our club and holds it as a unit. Our relationships are unique; we come from different backgrounds and origins. But one thing is sure when you come home, your brothers and sisters will welcome you with open arms. Our doors are open for all SRC Members, even beyond operating hours because our home is your home.

Steeped In Tradition

The Steel Rose Club is an entire building dedicated to the practice and teachings of the Samurai. It is the bedrock of the club, and it seeps from every pore in the structure. From the silver leaf bar being a Tennant to the 8 laws of Bushido. To our ronin bathhouse. The SRC is designed and built to harken to your inner peace.

Warriors First

The Steel Rose Club prides itself on having some of the very best fighters in all of Crystal at PVP. We have honed our skills and abilities. We train as hard at our PVP skills as we work hard and relentlessly at our Club for you.

Bound Together

Our Family is never broken apart, we never leave one another. Many joke how our unity is almost to the point of being a cult. We are ok with that. We are addicted to our friends and those close to us. Those that come into our circle know the warmth that exists in it, and it is why no one can ever tear us apart. To this day the core of Steel Rose has never faltered or broken. That is due to our unrelenting passion to keep our family together over everything. Even our club.

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